Who is Z-Money ( 1017 Eskimo Records )

Who is Z Money ?

If your not aware of  1017's new artist on the rise named Z Money from Chicago Illinois, he has recently been flooding the streets with tons of quality music after recently being released from jail after violating probation, despite the legal trouble Z Money has been cooking up track after track, which is what caught the eye of Gucci maneCEO of 1017

Gucci is known for having a distinct Atlanta sound which Z Money has matched in his own Chicago way being that Gucci mane is hes favorite rapper. Z Money uses a hush voice over trap beats such like Gucci Mane, The only other new artist that has a sound similar is Valee who is also from Chicago and also recently singed to Good Music. If there was a time for a artist with this sound it would be now being that most of the new artist all sound like each other, this summer is going to be the summer where we can see a big push from 1017 pushing Z Money more into the main stream area in the industry . Z Money already has many hits such as Givenchy, Two 16's and Stove On. Look below to check out some of Z Moneys new music via Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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