Influencer BadKidJimmy make his TGF Debut and explains the start of his career.


For those who don’t know BadKidJimmy, you should definitely get in tune. Jimmy is a hilarious influencer on Instagram that has been making his name known throughout the Internet for the past year and some change. Jimmy has gotten a strong following over the past year due to his amusing and down right hilarious skits he does by himself and with close other influencers. Influencer Kush Papi, (Who has accumulated over 1 million followers) is a close friend of Jimmy’s and is in a lot of his skits. When in skits, the two have such a great chemistry you honestly can’t go a whole video skit without busting out laughing at the ridiculousness of the video. Other influencers like viral Supreme Patty are often seen doing skits with Jimmy as well, which adds more excitement to his skits. Even though Badkidjimmy is an influencer, he also wants to get his music career started and has been working hard on creating dope music because that’s his real passion. He believes that sense he built up his following by hard work and having fun, anything is possible. With seeing the talent Jimmy possesses as in influencer, the sky is honestly the limit.

So if you haven’t already, be sure to follow Badkidjimmy on Instagram and stay up to date on all the latest skits and music moving forward.

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