Chicago Brand JUST GANG just dropped there Brand new denim jeans that are down right hard and a must cop for the summer/ fall season.

just gang.png

Owner JUST GANG Ray has been at it for sometime now crafting garments and special pieces that have a bold authentic touch. These Denim jeans continue the trend, and even expand more on the dope style and mind of Ray. Every JUST GANG piece speaks volumes with its bold style and writing that pops out and catches the eye. These Jeans definitely have the same effect like the rest of Ray’s merch, with having “JUST GANG” printed bolded on the outside of the pat leg. What makes these Jeans so special compared to other merch is Ray added a material to the side of the Jeans pant leg to make the side of the jeans glow in the dark! This adds a deferent level and depth to Ray’s clothes and really makes that “JUST GANG” logo pop and be seen no matter what time of day. The color ways Ray are selling are currently in a blue and a black denim finish. So be early to the party and cop these brand new raw denim jeans today from JUST GANG and get in tune with the dope brand out of Chicago moving forward.