Clean Skate Company

Clean Skate Co. is a brand out of Grand Rapids Michigan that is turning heads with its flawless style and authentic “CLEAN” design.

clean droplist.jpg

Creator George Hammond has been at it hard for the past year creating garments that satisfy and push the standard for a skate clothing brand. George releases most of his clothing in product drops that have multiple garments that you can choose from at a time. Each drop is unique and has a variety of different styled pieces you can choose from and mix and match with. Clean Skate Company’s most recent drop, headlined a long sleeve shirt with a Mr. clean image on the back reading “Stain Specialist” and a nice pull over rain hoodie that has “CLEAN” stitched on the front. There are also other notable garments in the drop but this just shows the variety in the styles of different garments and the authenticity behind the idea of the product drop.

Unfortunately, the site is closed as of right now due to processing orders but will be up when there is another launch. So if you were late on this drop, don’t worry cause there is more in store and you can always be ahead of time on the next launch. So make sure to get familiar with Clean Skate Co. and be ahead of the wave with coping this one of a kind merch.

Quinton ColemanComment