Forex - Brennar Wair (TGF INTERVIEW)

What is Forex? I got the chance to ask my former college roommate some questions on his newest found talent. Meet Brennan Wair, a Forex Trader and Plant Based Enthusiast. 

Tell us a little about yourself, what is your name? Where are you from?

My name is Brennan Wair, I am a heart surgery survivor. I had a stroke at 13 and overcame paralysis for three days. That story is one of my whys and the reasons I enjoy loving life. I just graduated college as a first-generation graduate from Marquette University. I was able to acquire a double major in Criminology & Law Studies and Psychology. My ultimate goal in life is getting people to understand and realize that the life we are currently given is not the life we have to live. We can change our lives. 

What is Forex?

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange Market. Instead of the stock market where we would invest shares in a company or corporation. In the forex market, we invest in the economy and into the currency of that economy. Plus it’s easy to start because it’s cheaper than starting with the stock market. It is also the worlds largest financial market, $7 trillion a day market. 


Do you have any tips for those looking to get into Forex Investing?

For those that are interested in Forex, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am a mentor/educator for Forex so please reach out to me and I will connect you guys with a mentor of mine. Remember a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. 

What keeps you motivated?

The date I had my second chance at life keeps me going. 2/24/2009 I have tatted on my right forearm. This was my second chance at life and that’s the time in my life I overcame being half paralyzed after suffering a stroke. So if I could overcome that, I can overcome the obstacle that stands in my way. 

What do you like about TGF?

Aside from the dope apparel, you guys are creating, love the mission statement or definition of Ghetto Flower. “Describes someone from the ghetto who doesn’t let the negativity of the rough environment around them taint their beauty, dreams, and intelligence”. To me, this is so powerful. No matter the environment around us, a flower is bound to bloom if we instill persistence, resilience and a dedication to always be better. With those attributes, a ghetto flower can bloom. I love that motto. Extremely powerful. You guys have something powerful and valuable, I am glad to support such a positive and proactive group. 



What got you into Forex? How long have you been doing it for?

The reason I jumped into forex was that it was my New Years Resolution this year. At the start of the year, I wanted to learn a new skill that could be beneficial in my life. I wanted to learn how money worked. I wanted to duplicate my income so I can pay off bills, loans, and all my debt. I want to retire my parents and my whole family. Overall I just wanted to build generational income and take care of my family for generations to come. 

I have been doing Forex since January 19th of this year. So almost 7 months. It’s been a very interesting but rewarding journey.


Who are some of your entrepreneur aspirations?

Some of my entrepreneurial aspirations include opening up an animal sanctuary to rescue all the factory farmed animals. I want to do this because I have been on a vegan and plant-based diet for over a year now. I also want to open up a franchise of barbershops in the Midwest. In addition, to that, I want to create a first-generation scholarship at Marquette University to give back to my Alma Mater. Finally, I want to open up a series of gyms in the Midwest that are centered around vegan athletes to being the vegan community and culture together. 

What is the end goal for you? where do you see trading taking your career?

My end goal of trading is teaching and impacting over 30,000 people with the skill set of Forex. I want others to be able to reap the benefits from Forex as well. I want others to be time free from work and financially free so they could live the life they always wanted. So that they can be comfortable with their living/financial situation. I want to be a Master Educator for others for the Forex Market. 


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