Designer Diego Audiffred brings puffer jackets to life with an authentic unique outrageous touch.


Diego, (who is the creator of DIE GO clothing) is definitely a name and brand you should get well accustomed too. The Chicago Southsider has been hard at work for years crafting and perfecting his talent, and now it finally pays off with well-deserved love and clout.


These puffer jackets are honestly INSANE! Every detail down to the vibrant colorways/ designs are flawless. Diego thrifts bed sheets as fabric for the puffer jackets to give customers a piece that triggers there nostalgia. Accompanied with the vibrant color ways and designs also reads “DIE GO” in big printed black letters horizontally across the whole garment. All these details together bring a well-finished pleasing product to the buyer’s eye. 

A lot of talented stars have been spotted sporting DIE GO clothing like Cole Bennet, Rico Nasty, Madeintyo and etc. so be ahead of the curve and get in tune with DIE GO clothing today and follow on all social media’s to stay posted on clothing launches. DIE GO also has a look book that you can get well accustomed to his vibrant and unique style moving forward.

Quinton ColemanComment