OMAS MOTIF clothing brand recently released some reflection tees that we have been feening to get our hands on. 

The creator of “OMAS MOTIF”, Joey Omas has been dedicated in making a garment that is impactful but yet subtle that gets the point across. The Indiana/Chicago brand, prides it self on its clean authentic touch that you can see embedded beautifully in every garment. This tee in particular has two different color ways, one black and the other white. It also has the word “OMAS” printed small on the front close up by the neck lining area with a spherical symbol printed on the back, accompanied by text with the year “1994”. This tee is dope and is a great representation of the brand and what OMAS has to offer. We here at TGF was excited to cop some OMAS merch but sadly we were to late to the party and the merch was sold out. So don’t be like us and be sure to stay a head of the game by following OMAS MOTIF on all social media’s and staying updated on their website for more launches/surprises. 

Quinton ColemanComment