PreMil Chicago NOW OPEN!


PreMil Chicago is a new buy, sell, trade store that is located in the heart of downtown Aurora. The store is located on one of the most busiest streets in Aurora, which is New York street. With that being said, the store location is perfect because of the surrounding other businesses that is near by that can add to the foot traffic. PreMil just had there Grand opening last week and I got to go and join in on the dope festivities. 

At the shop, the PreMil gang made feel welcomed with their layout of their store and their inviting authentic personalities. The store is laid out with PreMil gear on one side of the store and on the other side is buy n trade gear. There was also some merch and items from designer Family Jordan there for sale as well, that added to the abundance of dope shit they have throughout the store. Walking further into the store, there is an entertainment portion of the store with a lounge area and multiple TV’s.  Also the downstairs of the location in the near future is going to be a recording studio for up incoming artists. 


I know PreMil categorizes themselves as a buy, sell, trade store but getting to know the owners and pulling up to the store myself, you can clearly see it is much more then that. PreMil prides themselves on people following their dreams and that is exactly what theirstore/company offers. A place to overall be yourself, grab dope ass clothes, record music, and a place to hangout and feel welcomed. I am very appreciative and influenced in what PreMil got going on because they can impact Aurora and surrounding areas in a huge positive way. So if your in the Aurora area or just looking for raw clothes to cop, make sure you pull up to PreMil and show the homies some love. 


Location: 46 New York St, Aurora IL



Quinton Coleman