This past weekend, we here at The Ghetto Flower had our very first POP UP SHOP which ended up being a great turnout and a very successful event. Our POP UP was hosted at FIRECAT Projects Art Gallery in Chicago. The POP UP SHOP consisted of 3 items that we were selling which were shirts, socks, and keychains. We also had our “POP UP PLAYLIST” bumping at the event which had people exposed to all of the artists we have worked closely with thus far. It was nice to see people enjoying the environment, while vibing to up and coming artists that some of them never heard before. 


Our goal for the event was to really show the true meaning of our blog and what we do. We wanted to make an environment were you can network, learn about other dope talents, buy fire merchandise, and most importantly understand our values and what we stand for. This POP UP was another move in the right direction of growing our community , and sharing our values to empower others. Amazingly, we ended up selling out of almost all of our merch but you can still grab some pieces of items here on our online store if you didn’t attend our POP UP SHOP. So be sure not to miss out on the last of this fire merch from our POP UP.