KILLALLPAIN pay tribute to the homeland with their new BULLSEYE tee. Learn more about this special drop below !


As you may know, TGF loves to get the latest scoop from some of our favorite designers around the nation. Today we want to highlight a name that will soon become familiar across the city of Chicago. Making its return to the TGF Lifestyle page is Chicago streetwear brand KILLALLPAIN.

If you need a quick history on KILLALLPAIN - be sure to check out our previous interview and podcast with Ron and Phil from their team.

KILLALLPAIN have been releasing incredible designs on their garments from the jump! Pieces ranging from jumpsuits, tees, utility belts, and even bullet proof vest. KAP is not capping. I am extremely grateful to be the owner of their newest BULLSEYE tee. This tee features a rendition of the Chicago Bulls Benny the Bull.

Check out the best excerpts from what KILLALLPAIN creator/ founder Ron had to say about their new tee!

How did the idea of the Bulls Eye Tee come about?

“Really focusing on on things nostalgic when I was a child. Vintage bulls tees/Space Jam/ Michael Jordan then bringing that feeling back while making it smoothly relate to our brand.”

Who were the designers involved?

“I do the design end most times, while my partner handles most business. So me Ron”


How did you pick the final design?

“We went through a few different variation mock-ups with our distributor, they all were pretty similar with just little tweaks to make the tee THAT much better”

Are you a Chicago Bulls Fan?


What message are you trying to achieve with the design?

“It’s up for interpretation that’s the beauty of it. But our personal interpretation we’re never going to start winning until there’s some unification. Jordan didn’t start winning chips until he learned the value of teamwork”

What can we expect next from KILLALLPAIN?

“Can’t give out too much lol but definitely summer items specifically”

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@tatiwya c/o @KILLALLPAIN

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@arieousj c/o @KILLALLPAIN

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