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Ronnie Lych also known as @xristosyotc recently answered a couple questions for The Ghetto Flower in an interview that exposes much more than his work as a fashion designer and entrepreneur, diving into his hardships and artistic inspirations and life living in Chicago.

The man behind KILLALLPAIN lets it all out through a number of topics, ranging from his favorite pieces of work, to what got him started with this all. Elsewhere, Ron talks humble beginnings and family ties. The conversation makes for a great read and offers a different point of view into the brilliant mind of Ron.

Check out the best excerpts from the interview below.

What is your name and age?

Ron/23 .. My partners Kwon/23 Phil/24

@   xristosyotc     Life too short, i gotta get it before they blow the whistle. 🎈(we never gave ah fuck bout you niggas standards)

@xristosyotc Life too short, i gotta get it before they blow the whistle. 🎈(we never gave ah fuck bout you niggas standards)

ON Fashion/Artistic inspirations?

My father, Dries Van Noten, Sasha Trautvein, and Pharrell to name a few.

ON HIS favorite pieces or work?

It's a piece I made for a Chicago artist out here in 2016, it might have made it to him but he never wore it. He had no obligation to either so it's cool. I loved it because it was simple and an oxymoron. From what I received from his music he personally dealt with personal demons but overall knew he was good person. I used to forms of symbolism to represent that. And I also printed a face on the back on of a hood which was pretty damn tight 

ON getting into fashion and clothing design?

It's been instilled in me since birth. My father is big on fashion and he took pride in having me in things that he could never afford for himself since I became apart of this earth. Then everyday encounters kept me attached through out my life. Everybody I looked up to fashion played a key part in their life. Your fashion gave people a perception of you and what you represented before you even got the chance to partake in a real conversation.

ON obstacles YOu’ overcome on your journey thus far?

Our main obstacle has been support. It's always an obstacle to gain genuine support. We believe there's a reason for it though, everything is so fast paced these days and things come and go in the snap of finger. For that reason we feel like it's hard for people to latch on to things even if they find themselves consistently liking what they produce.

How and When did you decide to take that first step and start something own?

I always knew I never wanted to work for anyone since a young age. I had thoughts your average young person or any person for that matter would ever think. I'd walk into restaurants and see people just doing their job and think to myself "I personally couldn't imagine living the rest of days this way" someone else would be thinking "I can't wait to get my food" it's always just been a little different for me

On Pancakes versus Waffles?

Waffles lol out iron though, none of that toaster shit.

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