Sophie Vivero (TGF INTERVIEW)

Online Fitness Coach Sophie Vivero was featured on

Episode 8 of The Ghetto Flower - Project Podcast.

As a very special guest, Vivero answered a couple questions that brings to light much more than the hard work and self discipline that she has instill to maintain the fortress that is her body and mind.

Sophie lets it all out on a various number of topics, ranging from how her fitness journey began, to what got her online business started. Elsewhere, Sophie talks about a life full of balance and donuts (haha). The conversation makes for a great listen and offers insight into the powerful mind of “Almighty” Sophie.

Check out the best excerpts from the interview below.

Tell us a little about yourself, what is you name? Where are you from ?

My name is Sophie Vivero. I'm  22 years old and currently reside in Cortland, Illinois which is right next to DeKalb (NIU area for those of you who are clueless).

What got you into Fitness?

Growing up I was obese (I seriously was so don't question it lol) so once I hit middle school and became more aware of my body image it's when it all started. I didn't begin lifting and working out consistently until I was a sophomore in high school. Once in college, I became obsessed and that is where my passion for health & fitness began. 





What are your favorite work outs?

My favorite workouts are those that involve lifting very heavy weight! I take a bodybuilding approach when training, but also incorporate powerlifting. I guess you can call it powerbuilding :) 

Who are some of your fitness inspirations?

Hmm, my fitspos... where to begin?! So many people have inspired me but a few are my brother, Anthony Vivero, and IG icons Bella Falconi, Aubrie Bromlow, Meg Squats, and Isabel Lahela. 

What music do you listen to when you work out?

I listen to rap, trap, and latin music when I workout. Anything from 2pac, to Future, Chief Keef, and J Balvin. 

Do you have any tips for those looking to get into shape? 

A huge tip I like to give my clients is to be consistent and remain PATIENT. Nothing happens overnight, but with hard work you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

What do you like about TGF? ;)

I truly love that TGF is not only a brand  but a place where like-minded individuals empower others regardless of status or background

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