#YOUTHWAY x Inner City Youth Charitable Foundation

#YOUTHWAY and its importance to the CULTURE 

For those of you have read the The Ghetto Flower Mission Statement you should know that we have a strong commitment to helping those coming up in the next generation. We stand by 3 principles.

Transforming the CULTURE

Empowering our PEOPLE

Shaping the FUTURE

But how do we attain this goal and pursue to complete our mission... The importance of youth involvement in community affairs can not be stressed enough. There are many ways in which young people can get involved. The first is community activism. Here at TGF we are advocates and activists. Dedicated to donating 10% of any revenue to local charities. #YOUTHWAY 

Our Charity of choice for this #YOUTHWAY donation is the



The purpose of the Inner City Youth Charitable Foundation (ICYCF) is to motivate and support disadvantaged, inner city youth from Chicago to prepare for and obtain higher education.  Their programs connect youth to mentors who serve as role models for careers, family life, and community service. The mentorship programs focus on improving academic functioning, experiencing the value of work, expanding awareness and appreciation of self, others, and the environment beyond a youth’s home and neighborhood situations.  Those who successfully complete the mentorship programs are eligible for college scholarships.


With our donation of $100, TGF have helped assist the ICYCF expand the number of youth who can benefit from the ICYCF mentorship and scholarship program.  I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to attend a four year university and successfully graduate, without sponsors and mentors.. none of this would be possible. Through programs similar to ICYCF I now have the opportunity to give back and pave the way for those individuals coming up under me. Guidance and direction is something we all seek when growing up, with it we are armed and dangerous, ready to conquer and tear down all barriers before us. 

With this small donation, The Ghetto Flower is devoted to making a difference and enhancing the lives of our YOUTH and that is the true meaning of #YOUTHWAY


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