Odd Ball Brand [ TGF INSIDER ]

The man behind the OddBall Brand!

Jerome James partnering with his girlfriend Tikeya McQuillan, are the founders of the OddBall Brand. From Pensacola Florida he bounced around from different hoods and projects. Rome says “Growing up with a single mother with three other siblings that’s honestly all we could afford. Growing up with my surroundings wasn’t the best environment but we didn’t really know any different. Personally I recognized a devestating trend “The dope boys were Hero’s” I know that sounds funny but in reality they protected our streets more than the cops and they put new shoes on our feet from time to time. Sense we looked up to them sooner or later we wanted to be them. Personally I knew that wasn’t the answer but honestly I felt trapped. It was either I got a scholarship for ball to get out the hood or I would work at the local fast food restaurant trying to do it the right way.” He then moved to Hillsborough NC June 2013 where he met Tikeya McQuillan. Moving to NC is when everything changed for Rome “When I moved here was when I saw the bigger picture. Everyone is moving in a positive way which impacted my drive for Odd.Ball”

Why did you start Odd.Ball Brand?

Rome is all for the Youth which is just what we need nowadays! His statement says it all “This is for the minority adolescents trapped in urban communities, afraid to RISE above the Odd.Ball label.”

What do you want to accomplish with Odd.Ball?

With the Heat that the OddBall brand is bringing, Rome just wants to accomplish having the youth and everyone else wearing what they have created and knowing his story!

What is the Mission for Odd.Ball

The OddBall Brand mission is something everyone wants for the Youth they are just one of the ones Bold enough to make it happen. Rome says “We want to pull up to different urban neighborhoods and talk to the youth and let them know you can get out the hood without a scholarship for Ball because I was there. I didn’t recognize the opportunity until I got out the environment. So I want to be that advocate or that connect for the youth!”

Be on the look out for more post about the OddBall Brand and work between The Ghetto Flower and the OddBall as we are for the Youth!

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