“ 7200 PAYUP ” - 7200

The 7200 Gang drops there first collab project self titled “ 7200 PAYUP”.


The collective of Komla, Brent Rambo, Ugly Friend, Killkain, Kilxty, Tezzy and others, all combine there styles to kill this tape. It’s great that everyone in the collective has there own sound and when combined on a track with another member, it highlights there different talents in a raw authentic fashion. A lot of songs on the tape slap but my personal favorite has to be “FORMAN MILLZ”. Killkain’s catchy hook and Brent Rambo’s humorous but yet real bars make this song a dope listen with a ton of replay value. This tape was just in time for the 7200 gangs show, which is May 10th at the OSOM art gallery in Chicago. I’m expecting to hear a ton of songs bumpin off the tape being played there. So if your in Chicago, pull up to there show or stream 7200’s music here. 

Rawest Lyric: “She think she a actor or sum cause my life a movie, Yeahh that’s cool gir what’s yo Venmo? and show me yo boobies” Brent Rambo