"CryBaby" EP - Igwe Aka

It just keeps getting better with Igwe Aka.

The Nigerian born, Sacramento raised act is worth having on your radar. He’s a promising natural talent who emanates prowess in all elements of his craft. Each new release from Igwe further elevate his ongoing progression, and his latest offering, “Big Tony Anthem”, is a testament to that truth. The modest but moving delivery is driven by his compelling cadences and emphatic tone. Igwe’s voices manages to merge grit and warmth, coalescing into an unequivocally individual sound for the melody. The single is can be heard on Igwe's CryBaby EP and you can check out a visual for the record below.

Produced by Loesoe Artist: Igwe Aka (@igwe_aka) Director: Cedric Crisologo (@lilshaolin) Director of Photography: George Almanza (@galmanzafilms) Camera Operator: Mike Chan (@iamnotmikechan) 1st AC's: Michael Guntetong (@mikeyguntetong) & Estevan Falcon (@captain_falcon28)

From his musical inception Igwe has adamantly focused on cultivating his artistic identity. His early works are experimental and eclectic, pulling from expansive influences while playing with new sounds. While expanding as an artist he has secured an dedicated fan base not only in his region, but internationally as new fans are constantly enamored by his enthralling vocals after discovering him online. Igwe’s more recent offerings like the exuberantly energetic one off “Right On” racked in tens of thousands of plays on a local Soundcloud platform, while “Big Tony Anthem” has compelled of A&R’s and curators to eager await his next delivery

With a young developing force like Igwe, it’s a bit difficult to tell where his multifaceted talents shine brightest. His singing and songwriting capabilities couldn’t seem any more natural than when he performs in intimate settings like his Live from Candy Land session and his NPR: Tiny Desk Submission. But his live shows are an explosive experience. Bigger crowds bring something bigger out of Igwe. Whether softly seranding or bellowing at full blast, whether face to face or facing a roomful of fans, Igwe has audiences captivated and ready for more.

Hope you enjoy “Big Tony Anthem” and you can follow Igwe on Instagram here.

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