AUSTEN NOBLES - Sir Noble (Album)

Austen Nobles just released his incredible debut album , “Sir Noble,” Stream the project below:


Austen Nobles drops his debut as one of the breakout acts of the year in Chicago with his “Sir Noble” album. To say Austen had an eventful year would be an understatement. The underground talent has been dropping hit after hit this year, then followed that up by doing show after show and now we have his first major body of work. He jumped out the gates with a solid standalone singles “Miss Me” and “Candy Pink” and video Shot by: Killroy + Justin Mendoza.

My personal favorite record off the project has to be “Good Guy” There’s a lot of different emotions that you’ll have to unpack when listening to Sir Noble. Songs like “Good Guy” carry a very dark bouncy tone but other tracks such as “Tattoo” carrying a slightly lighter tone. However, overall the whole mood of the project’s theme falls on the darker side of the spectrum as Austens’ goal with this project was to create an experience that provokes a full emotional release from start to finish. A soundtrack behind your every day life. Something to help you cope with your own personal struggles and realize you can always choose to remain noble!

Stream Austen Noble’s powerful project Sir Noble now!

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