2006 (Album) - Ease World

Get ready to hop into the time machine and be transported to the year” 2006”.

Ease World is here with his brand new project and I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome of this stellar memorable piece of work.

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sk8brd ë


Ease World stands out so much to me in the rap scene because of his nostalgic presence and approach he takes. For example, I don’t know any artist in today’s day and age that would drop a 23 track collaborated project before the drop of there highly anticipated album. But that’s Ease World for you. He continues to take trends from the past and expands on them with really shedding light on how dope music and the fashion world was a decade ago.

Ease World continues his nostalgic infectious movement with this project “2006”. From start to finish, this project has great balance and an overall vibe that is unmatched. The Intro “Starwars” really stood out to me and brought this whole project to life and solidified the mood moving forward into the rest of the tracks. The intro plays as if you are being launched into the year 2006 and after the statement by the space cadet, the beat drops and Ease World kick a flow that honestly is one of the best throughout the 36 min long project. I love the way Ease World wrapped this project up with the single “Gone” that really showed his versatility and a deeper look into his life. Overall, this project has a ton of material to fall in love with and I couldn’t be happier being transported to the year “2006” every time I hit play.

So be sure to stream this stellar project here.

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