lil kennedy and $HADOW BOY seem to be on a roll with 2018 just starting.


We had a chance to talk with lil kennedy about his creative process for #BALLINTILLTHEENDPT.2 and were he found his inspiration. Life experiences and environmental influence have impacted his projects and he does an exceptional job portraying that in his music. as for the creative process for  #BALLINTILLTHEENDPT.2 he explained that before he even puts the music out he likes to sit back and listen to cuts to ensure his music doesn't sound singular, this way his music will have some longevity to appeal to all sorts of people not just one particular fan base. so whats to look forward to this year from lil kennedy? the focus seems to be on the team. who's the team you ask? lucky7 is a whole team, a group of creatives who are all trying to draw in as many eyes as possible once people realize this groups potential the sky is the limit.

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