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Sir Banks of Flyluminati, born August 5th, is a Rapper, Songwriter. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Banks uses the power of music to tell his story. Raised in a musical household, Banks developed a love for 90's hip hop, which was heavily influenced by his older brother. Banks started rapping fresh out of high school as 1/2 of the rap duo, Flyluminati with his childhood friend. The duo grew a major buzz throughout their city. Going their respected ways in 2014, Banks continued to keep the passion alive. In October 2014 Banks dropped his debut solo mixtape, Crusin EP and received a buzz once generated by the for-mentioned group. Continuing the efforts, on the anniversary of Cruisin, He premiered an 18 min "Audio Musical" entitled, The Bankuet (A Side). During the recording of his Debut album, Banks released an Ep entitled MiddleClass to appeal his fans. On May 5th 2015 Banks released his Debut album, Wealth: Of All Banks. Self- Proclaimed "City's Savior" tells the story

Where does his inspiration come from ? 

  • Banks music is inspired by the music and vibes he felt when he was younger. He grew up listening to a lot of southern artists in a time where southern rap wasn’t the leading force in hip hop. Watching the source awards where OutKast won best new artists in 95 keeps me going. When Andre said “the south’s got something to say.” He wants to continue to be that lyrical voice for his coast. 

What made you get into music?

  • "I have an older brother, like 6 years older than me. He would bring me in his room and play me all these hip hop albums. From three 6 mafia and UGK to Wu-tang and jay z to Tupac And snoop. Hearing how these artists lyrically painted pictures, they were like super heroes to me. I was never big on comics, their stories were like my comics, the heroes that i wanted to be. "

How long have you been doing it for?

  • "I’ve been writing since about 7 years old. In high school i met my best friend Chill and we had the same music tastes. The summer after graduating high school is when we took it serious. Bought a mic and interface summer 09. Started shooting small videos with a cheap camera. The rest was history. The serious music has been made since 2009, so about 8 or 9 years."


Banks has an EP on the way entitled City Savior under the label Priority Records/BP ENT. But for now, check out his “Wealth” on all music and streaming platforms. 


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