Heffy drops off his brand new EP, which is a must listen!



One of my favorite things about analyzing and reviewing music is when I come across an artist that is consistent with his or her craft. I truly believe consistency is a must. Many times I have come across projects that are just fillers or filled with songs that really have no place to call home on a project. Each and every artist wants to run up the numbers in any way possible, but this comes at a price if you are planning to have a long career. HEFFY is no new name here at TGF - today he is back with his self-produced EP titled - “Bleeding Out”

I first got hip to HEFFY and his music late 2018 when he released VICEWORLD EP featuring $IKE THE DRUG. What really turned me into a fan was his hit song scary thoughts 👻. After meeting HEFFY and discussing the project this past weekend, “Bleeding Out” is a project that exposes him as an artist, he wears his heart on his sleeve with this one.

With this, “Bleeding Out” looks, feels, and sounds as though it takes place deep into the wee hours of the night, disguised by the darkness yet lively and exciting in its own right. The production — handled by HEFFY himself, brings the project to unmatched heights, while also showcasing a multitude of flows and emotions, marking him as an artist with eccentric and notable talent, adding to his well-proven skills behind the boards.

Keeping this in mind, he can do it all, and “Bleeding Out” is his chance to do such. Look into the world of HEFFY and stream the new project below!

Early Favorites: “Bleed Out ft. Austin Skinner, “Hills Have Eyes”, “See No Evil ft. Adot

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