What I've Been On, Pt. 2 - Jaymz V

Jaymz V makes his TGF debut with new project tittled “What I’ve Been On Pt. 2”.

Jaymz V  @JaymzAddTheV

Jaymz V


After long hiatus, Jaymz V is finally back and better then ever in this new project. I remember hearing his first project about 3 years ago that really opened up my eyes to Jaymz but I recently got in tune to his newest album by a close TGF acquaintance.

I’m so thrilled I got directed to Jaymz’s new project because honestly it is a solid peace of work that showcases Jaymz verstality and great music ear. Jaymz goes in to deep detail on the reason for the long hiatus with energetic flows and sweet melodies riddled throughout the project that gives a good sense on his hardships that shaped him. The project has a ton of balance and songs that grab your ear at every play with features that are sure to peak your interest. You can find Mick Jenkins, Supa Bwe, Quari and more dope artists throughout this great project. Jaymz has a great overall sound to his music and when combined with great artists, you can’t go wrong giving this project countless plays.

So be sure to stream this brand new dope project from Jaymz V.

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