"Circles" by Midwest Jake

Midwest Jake takes us on a journey with his new single "Circle" Listen Below! 



Midwest Jake is a 20 year old rapper from Burlington, WI.  Rapping is nothing new to him, Jake has been perfecting his craft since the age of 9.  As a young musician he would put on shows for his family using a karaoke machine. In our conversion ,Jake told me that in order to get the beats he liked on the machine, he would point the mic at the computer to record the beats to rap over. lol 

Midwest Jake began taking rap seriously during his junior year in high school. He started off recording track using an iPad, his song began creating a little buzz within his friend group. It wasn't until one of Jake's friend put the track on twitter, where people actually f***ed with his sound. There is so much potential

Circles is the result of a break up that Jake had experiences after a semester full of ups and downs. Jobe Wagner, the producer on Circles is one of Jake's best friends. He knew that Jake needed a chill vibe to snap on and really make the audience feel what he was going through. Jake told me that he had to recorded the track a total of seven time to get it perfect. 

" This chick literally made me feel like I was going in circles" - @Midwest_Jake

Be ready for more heat from Midwest JakeHim and his recording group ITC (In The Clouds) are in for a big 2017. This pro era type movement are making power moves. So y'all better ride the wave or you might drown. 

Jake is currently working on and upcoming project due to drop this spring titled "GPA" which stands for "Gods Point in Action". "Circle" is the first single off of the project. Be sure to give Midwest Jake a follow on SoundCloud, peep some of his other tracks below! #TGF

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