"YOU DON'T KNOW ME" by Kiraly Payne



Kiraly Payne is a 20 year old rapper from Bolingbrook, IL who you need to listen to ASAP
. He is definitely a stand out artist destined for greatness.

KP is unsure of how he really began rapping. It started as a hobby back in sixth grade when he produced his very first beat. He then took it to another level and started making his own tracks in the seventh grade. In our recent conversation Kiraly told me that he wasn't really that good at rapping until his freshman year of high school.

"It is my goal to establish myself in the game , and get my foot in the door" - @KiralyPayne

 "Once my producer [JUSTWill] sent me the beat, I knew this was a hit, I need to go crazy on this" 

KP is currently working real hard on his upcoming project titled 'Z'. This Dragon Ball Z themed mix tape is going to consist of five tracks and is expected to drop within the next month.  

Be on the lookout for big things from Kiraly Payne. Check out his Soundcloud below and make sure to give him a follow !! #TGF

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