"daze" - Danny Cisco

Danny Cisco is making his TGF debut with his brand new track called "daze"

Danny Cisco teams up with Juno Adonis for his latest single titled “daze”. In this single, Danny raps about finding himself in the music games, trying to separate the wants from the needs. He explains that he is losing focus and on a hunt for satisfaction. I was introduced to Cisco’s music a few days ago, but he seems to have racked up a couple thousands of plays on his Soundcloud, I am definitely going to be running this track back for a while.

I think my favorite thing about Danny on this single is the fact that his flow and cadences switch from verse to verse, almost like multiple songs in one, he’s a full package.

Quotable Lyrics - “ lately i’ve been out of commission, lacking confidence and ambition. can’t afford food or tuition, but it’s you the most that i’m missing ”

As soon as I heard this glossy instrumental I had a good feeling about where this track was about to take me, and sure enough he came through with an addicting & melodic tune that’s sure to get stuck in your head for at least the rest of the day.

Get in tune with one of the hottest upcoming talents by pressing play now !

Produced by Danny Cisco & Juno Adonis

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