"Rodeo Drive" - MUDDY MICK (Prod. Luke Almighty)

Muddy Mick is making his TGF debut with his brand new track called "Rodeo Drive"

Muddy Mick teams up with Luke Almighty for his latest single titled “Rodeo Drive” In this single, Mick raps about his life, thanking God for being alive, and not folding under pressure. He is trained to go and has no time to waste. Although this is my first time truly listening to Muddy, he definitely seems to bring substance when it comes to his music, something that I feel like is lacking in the up and coming rap ecosphere as of lately.

“ I never seen the drugs, the pack is on the way. Bitch I’m trained to go, I aint got no time to waste”- Muddy Mick

Rodeo Drive is a well known street in Beverly Hill, an area know for its wealth. Muddy Mick wants to let everyone know that he is getting pesos, and it is what is causing all of the hate towards him. Just from listening to the lyrics, on top of Muddy Mick’s delivery, you can feel the emotions and realness that he is spitting.

Hopefully, Muddy Mick can continue to build off singles like this and cultivate his fan based. Here are TGF we are locked in and excited to see what is next.

Stream Muddy Mick‘s latest single Rodeo Drive” now.

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