"DB$B" by Divine Council

Hailing from Richmond Virginia comes the collective group of the divine council.

The members of Divine Council include the rappers Cyrax, Lord Linco, $lick Money and Chicago producer ICYTWAT. The mixtape consists of 12 tracks that highlight all of the group member’s talents beautifully. Even though most of these tracks were posted on Soundcloud previously, it’s nice to get a collective piece together from the group.

What’s so interesting about Divine Council is how different each member sounds from one another and what flow or delivery they bring to the table. Lord Linco has more of a calm deep singing voice to his flow and delivery, while $lickmoney has more of a quick delivery with a lot of aggression that makes you want to bob your head constantly. Cyrax is different from his other two rap members because he hits with a more modern flow that highlights his slow but expressive delivery. Lastly, the producer ICYTWAT puts it all together with his very distinct way he produces his beats for the group, he honestly sounds like no other producer. So get in tune and check out the creative group of Divine Council!