Duffle Bag Buru drops off a memorable hard project called “Fly on The Wall”.



I find myself having more and more Duffle Bag Buru in rotation, and I couldn’t be more happy to have some more quality work to sink my ears in. From the first track “Again” to the last “Pick Up” you can feel a well balance of songs that slap in there own way. I honestly played this whole tape all the way through twice with no skips and it honestly feels like a well cohesive piece that has slapping cuts that speak on there own. From start to finish Duffle Bag Buru is literally in his bag and I hope to get visuals from singles on the project soon. Buru also has great features from Warhol. SS, Slim Santana, Ronsocold, The Good Perry, Femdot, & CP on the tape that adds to the hard memorable project.

So be sure to stream the new project from Buru here “Fly On The Wall”.


Quinton ColemanComment