Danny Cisco - sadboysongs EP

“SADBOYSONGS” is the unbelievable new EP from rising talent Danny Cisco

The case of Danny Cisco is an interesting one. I’m not sure anyone entirely knows just how high the ceiling is for such a promising young talent, but without a doubt, he’s out of here, and cannot be stopped. Capturing this moment and packaging it into music form, Cisco’s brand new EP, sadboysong, is one of the year’s standout projects to date.

6 tracks long and just over 17 minutes in length, the latest helping from Cisco is a testament to emotions. He thoughtfully floats and flows through the entire duration of the project, taking full command of each and every melody, cadence, and heart felt lyric. All the way from the emotive stylings of “spackle” to the supercharged “esperanza”.

It’s with this endlessly melodramatic style that Danny Cisco has become the artist he is today. Young as he may be, Cisco is more than ready to take on the limelight, with each song on sadboysongs as a testament. His music is only getting better and the songwriting only sharper.

That said, Danny Cisco is headed to the top, so be sure to hop on before he takes off. sadboysongs is exactly the emotional push hat music needed right now — stream the new project on SoundCloud above!

Michael TayoComment