MAXO KREAM - Brandon Banks (Album )

Maxo Kream just dropped his brand new album titled “Brandon Banks”



After the release of his solid album last year Punken, Maxo is back with more storytelling and hard bars. The album Punken, focused on a lot about Maxo’s life and hardships growing up mixed in with catchy songs that balanced the subject matter and feel of the project. This new album “Brandon Banks” continues the trend with having songs that tell a story accompanied with ones that are more focused on the overall feel and vibe of the song. Breaking down the album further, “Brandon Banks” actually is an alias that Maxo’s dad made up when he was on the rise hustling. Maxo names this album after his pops because he wants fans to know the story of his pops and the origin of where his hustlers mentality comes from. Maxo feels like to know the full version of him; you need to know the story of his pops, which makes perfect sense after listening to his previous album. “Brandon Banks” is an overall stellar album and another great insightful look into the vivid story of Maxo’s life.

So be sure to stream this album here on all platforms to get the whole scoop on Maxo Kream.

Quinton ColemanComment