Gold Haze - Withdraw(Single)

Gold Haze drops off a flawless single titled “Withdraw” coming off of his up and coming album.

Haze  @GoldxHaze



Gold Haze has been featured on The Ghetto Flower countless of times but this is the first time we have him on here as a stand alone artist. He is an amazing producer and definitely in my top 5 favorite producers in music today. I always knew Haze was nice with the beats but after sitting down with him and hearing singles off his up and coming project, I heard a whole different side of him that put both of his talents side by side in full perspective. Haze was showing me singles that I wish I had in my phone that day! An assortment of sounds and flows that were crafted perfectly and paint a picture when you unpack his lyrics and savy hooks. Just listening to his project really made me appreciate versatile artists that can produce and also shine bright when laying down vocals and bars on a track.

So when I heard the news of this single dropping off of his project, I couldn’t wait to hear it and have it in my daily rotation. This single really shows Haze’s great world play and ability to make a song with great feeling and relatability. The Hook and when Haze comes on for his first verse is really the highlight of this song to me, which has me coming back clicking play every time.

So stream Haze’s new track here and be on the look out for the release of his new album.

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