Lil Xelly - Fendi Prod. DP BEATS

FENDI” is the latest release from Lil Xelly and it is a MUST LISTEN!

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Lil Xelly has returned with a new banger. Xelly is known for his voice and rap lyricism, this song features both of those elements but in a different light than we’ve seen in the post, this time on a DP Beat. On his latest single “FENDI” Xelly is well aware of his unique position in the music industry, an artist who has a deep catalog of diverse records that all stand out in their own right.

This track is reminiscent of Chicago drill, continuously flowing with an aggressive tone. Xelly is an artist that is still learning and growing but still outshining many as he discovers sounds that can take his unique voice that much further.

This is coming after Lil Xelly drop his back2work EP earlier this year, this new track has shown a different side of Xelly, it will be exciting to hear what else he has planned!

Stream “FENDI” on soundcloud now!

Produced by DP BEATS

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