Heffy - DIALTONE (prod. luke almighty)

Heffy drops off a solid new single produced by Luke Almighty titled “Dial Tone”.

Heffy is a master at making catchy songs with great content, and he continues his dominance with this single. “Dial Tone” is honestly my favorite Heffy track as of late because it foreal sounds like it could be a break out single for him.

I say this because it has such a catchy radio feel but still sticks to Heffy’s authenticity and unique style. The bars, content, and production of the song is great but what really stands out to me is the catchy hook that runs through my mind constantly. “Dial tone when I’m off of the drugs again, hit my phone but I’m not goin to pick up again”. The flow in which Heffy kicks the hook is everything, and makes this track a single you should definitely give countless playtime.

So be sure to stream this single here and be on the look out for Heffy’s EP that is scheduled to release at the end of this month.

Quinton ColemanComment