The Blue Pill - Tyso Sprme

Tyso SPRME just dropped a new offering, “Blue Pill” give it a listen below.




For those of have been fans of The Ghetto Flower from the early days, the name Tyso SRPME may be familiar, the Milwaukee emcee is back with his latest EP - The Blue Pill . What I enjoy the most about this release is that Tyso finds away to show you another side of his versatility on every song, each one providing a different wave. He comes out hot on track number one titled “Neo” Tyso gives us some insight into what he imagines it would be like if he was to take the Blue Pill in the matrix.

Quotable Lyrics - “i see through the peephole, angels cover me close. i don't see no evil, all i see is these clones. i just took the blue pill, nothing is what you think though. they aint need a hero, im the one like neo“

He even links with fellow Vogel Park artist Camb who adds some soulful melodies on track number 3 titled “Wifi”. Personally, this has me more excited to hear more, but thinking about the fact that this is just a small EP of SPRME having fun in the booth, I feel confident in saying that Blue Pill is about to bring the Tyso wave to entirely new heights.


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