Whoever - Amira Jazeera

Amira Jazeera makes her TGF debut with her latest single "Whoever", take a listen below:

Amira Jazeera

Amira Jazeera

Today, Amira Jazeera makes her TGF debut and displays her skills on new single, “Whoever”. On this track she describes manifestation and being whoever she wants to be. I truly believe that anything is possible and having a mindset that instills this in you is the first step to achieving.

This track first popped up on my radar just a few days ago, “Whoever” has become one of my soundtracks for the week. From the upbeat melodies, hard hitting production and smooth, yet incredible vocals, there’s something definitely brewing here as far as talent.

“Whoever” isn’t what I typically listen to on the regular but it has definitely placed Amira Jazeera on our radar here at The Ghetto Flower. With that being said, this track definitely made it onto my weekly playlist, and upon your first few listens, Im sure everyone reading this will soon be bumping this non stop.

Don’t just take my word for it, though — see for yourself by clicking play on “Whoever” above!

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