The Macado Project - LGado

LGado makes his TGF debut with his new project produced by Rio Mac titled “The Macado Project”.

LGado has been tearing up the streets for a lil min now so it’s nice to finally hear a full project from the Chicago Native. On this 9-track project, all tracks slap and could be stand alone powerful singles because of the content within the tracks and how hard they slap individually. My personal favorite on the project is “Rio Mac” because it really invites the listener to get in tune for what’s in store for the whole project. On the track, LGado continuously says “In the lab Me and Rio Mac, I was layin down wit my Mac” that infectious line really laid the foundation of the project. I say this because LGado and Rio really we’re locked in the lab making pressure for the streets and they have accomplished that in this 9-track raw project.

So be sure to stream “The Macado Project” here on all platforms.

Quinton ColemanComment