Hesh Cardiel & Myles Bryant - DREN (EP)

Hesh Cardiel & Myles Bryant link on new EP titled “DREN”.


After the release to there hard track “Gnarly” Hesh and Myles are back at it again but this time we get to hear a couple of fresh new songs in the form of an EP. I remember in the last post I wrote for the “Gnarly” track, I said (I hope to hear more collabs from the two moving forward) and they fulfilled what I was exactly hoping for. The chemistry Hesh and Myles have is dope and a joy to listen all the way throughout the short but memorable EP. The way Hesh comes on the song with a ton of energy, and the way Myles finishes the tracks with rhythmic melodic melodies is why this EP is must listen. So make sure to stream this hard EP here.