Vanilla Bean - WemmyMo ft. Femdot

WemmyMo & Femdot link on new solid single titled “Vanilla Bean”.

When I first heard that the too Nigerian Chicago native artists were collabing, I knew from jump I would be hearing something special. “Vanilla Bean” pasted my expectations by being even more that just a special single. I say this because WemmyMo and Femdot go even deeper then music by explaining how there lives were different a couple years ago. WemmyMo kicks off the track with his vivid storytelling with explaining how he had writers block, and all the milestones he had accomplished after dropping “Bittersweet”. In the second verse, Femdot hops on and It feels like he is an old head speaking to WemmyMo explaining his hardships and milestones and giving him game on what he went through, which makes this track so powerful. In the verse, Femdot says “ At 18 I was trying to be like you”. After hearing this bar in Femdot’s verse, it really put this whole track into perspective of how every rapper has a different up brining and we should appreciate the hard work no matter how they came up as an artist. The immense storytelling and knowledge behind this song is why it’s a must listen and my personal favorite from the two as of late. So make sure you stream this flawless single here.

Quotable Lyric:

“Seeing ye was kinda cool shit was kinda ight, still made it through standing on two like a bike” WemmyMo