"intoxicated" by Dami God

His given name is Damilola Minett. It's of Nigerian origin meaning

"God gave me joy", therefore, as an artist I go by "Dami God".

Similar to a God, Dami God strive to be the best at what he does. He sees myself defeating the odds and bringing versatility to the game. He can give you smooth vocals or straight bars. Overall, Dami God make feel good club joints, especially for the women to enjoy; instead of bashing them which seems to be the norm in the music game today. He stays true to himself and never follows the wave. 


"I mAde the song "intoxicated" due to the fact that everyone deserves a few drinks after a long day of work and long week. We go through a lot; so why not enjoy yourself to add balance in your life!"- DAMI GOD



Dami God has 2 upcoming projects coming this year both with 7-8 tracks for his fans and supporters.

A goal that Dami God has for 2017 is to kick the door down in the industry by being himself and making great music for those of every sort.

"I want to be memorable by bringing authenticity to the game, but most importantly establish myself as an artist." - DAMI GOD

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