"What" by Travis Hendriiix

Travis Hendriiix comes out flexing muscle with his newest release "What.".



Following his previous hit "For My Niggaz" which debuted his career, Travis has brought in a new sound once again. Deep 808s, synth patterns, and Chicago style Autotune; this song is a for sure hit!

Located in the Chicago's north side, Travis Hendriiix once again brings us new music for all. "What." was recorded at JDR Studios by Darrion Jackson who has been renown throughout the entire region for his undeniable skills as an engineer. The two of them together has always brought a combination that cannot be match with any other duo.

Check out Travis Hendriiix - "What." Here via Soundcloud

Travis has also explained via Twitter.com that these singles being released have no correlation with his project. These are "loose singles that did not make the cut". Which means, if these songs hit this hard, imagine the project.

Travis Hendriiix plans on releasing more singles while we wait for his anticipated album which is completed and ready for release via Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and more. A new music video is also planned for release soon as well with no details on who is directing and filming it. 




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