Jay2 - Dedication [Prod. By Monte Booker]

Jay2 is back after a long hiatus with a slapping new cut produced by Monte Booker titled “Dedication”.

young jay  @Jay2AintShit

young jay


Man, it’s been a min sense the last time I heard a Jay2 single, but I’m so excited and happy to be writing a post for this hard track. The last single I heard from Jay2 was that “Liu Kang” track that I still have in rotation till this day! But it’s dope to finally get some more new Jay2 spinnin in rotation along with his other old memorable singles. This track “Dedication” has to be my favorite from Jay2 other then one of his first tracks he dropped titled “Maintenance”. The cunning world play in this single and the flawless production gives this song a ton of replay value and is a must listen. Every time I listen to a Jay2 track I have to run it back a couple of times cause he honestly be throwing so many punch lines and bars that you have to go back and revisit so they will fully sink in. Jay2 is honestly is a mastermind with his wordplay and delivery and alongside Monte’s vibrant solid production, you can’t go wrong with this track.

So make sure to stream this single here and keep up to date with Monte and Jay2 moving forward.

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