KELLY Summers EP - LaSa 🦁💜💫

Chicago’s own LaSalle Grandeur drops his latest EP  titledKELLY SUMMERS with features from Kiraly Payne, Sundé, RETRO GiBSON and many more. This EP includes LaSa’s leading single titled “Pointless”.

LaSa 🦁💜💫 [📸:  @blood_sweat_and_growth  ]

LaSa 🦁💜💫 [📸: @blood_sweat_and_growth ]

KELLY SUMMERS It becomes very clear that he has been working hard and is ready to make some noise.  

For some KELLY SUMMERS has been highly anticipated, this EP is the result of LaSalle Grandeur putting months of hard work in, hoping to provide his lisdteners with a piece of his life. At 7 tracks in length, KELLY SUMMERS is packaged concisely, but perfect enough to deliever a clear and well thought out message, covering topics like love, war, and hardships and so much more. LaSalle is able to capitalize on each and every track. In his lyrics you hear not only catchy punchlines but clever onomatapiea and double (sometimes even triple) entendre, and Grandeur’s naturally impressive delivery is at its absolute best once he begins to flow on these incredible productions. 

There’s so many positive things to say about KELLY SUMMERS, but thanks to LaSalle Grandeur’s spectacular creativeness, we are going to let you craft your own opinion and have the music speak for itself. Musicians like LaSa are diamonds in the rough, so make sure to tune in and show some love by streaming KELLY SUMMERS! Without a doubt this release is well worth the time - If you want the chance to hear it performed live, you are in luck. LaSalle and some other very talented artists in Chicago are putting on a FREE KELLY SUMMERS Release Show on July 19th at the Aux Center (3012 W Belmont Ave) RSVP NOW  

Do yourself a major favor and stream “KELLY SUMMERS” below as well as follow LaSalle Grandeur on Instagram and Twitter!

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