"No Mind" by Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is demanding recognition with new single "No Mind" 

Adam Wilson is a 20 year old rapper from Dekalb, IL who started making music at the age of 4. He began playing the violin and then continued to grow as a musician through singing and learning a multitude of musical instruments. 

When I spoke to Adam about his new single he said that "No Mind" erupted from inner disappointment. Adams stated that in the past he would let the people around him mold his standards, he was not able to be himself. No Mind is nonetheless a statement of realization. 

"I'm taking time to figure out what feels right, putting pieces together for my upcoming EP this spring" - Adam Wilson

 Adam Wilson is an artist that isn't concerned with the opinions of others any more, he doesn't want to take part in any popularity contest, it isn't about plays and likes. With all of his goals aligned he knows that this is his time to shine! This is his year to put the master plan into motion, time to execute. 

Below are some of Adams Latests Tracks, be sure to take a listen. You won't regret it  ! 

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