"Paranoid" by E.R ft Kam

E.R drops new single "Paranoid" listen below! 

E.R (Eduardo Reyes)  is a 21 year old music producer from Chicago, that has always been involved with music in some form, he started playing the trumpet in 6th grade (he actually hated it lol) .

Fast forward 3 years to his freshmen year of high school he quit band and never wanted to look back. Something about music just always caught his attention.

Due to leaving band he found himself having a lot of free time this is when he discovered a program called Fl Studio, this program gave him the ability to express himself through music like he'd never done before.

"I'm ready to show the world what I'm made of, I want the world to know my name."  - E.R

Fast forward 6 years to 2016, E.R has produced for many well respected artist such as (Sy Ari Da Kid, Capo of GBE, Bo Deal of BSM, Arab of SODMG, Mello The Guddaman etc...) He is currently working on a big project for Mello The Guddaman ft. Gucci Mane. His talents are endless, Not only is he a producer he is also a singer, songwriter, and an engineer. 

Aside from Producing im also working on my first debut album "Back To Work".

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