$imba P Gets Straight To The Point On “Remember The $”

$imba P recently dropped a new EP entitled “Remember the $,” and at just 4 tracks, it is a short and sweet offering.

$imba P

$imba P

The EP opens up with “Rage,” which is the darkest track on the project. Simba is caged up on this song, as he is having trouble facing his feelings when the drugs wear off. He muses on wanting to rage over a cloudy, menacing beat.

On the 2nd track, “Green Eggs n Ham,” $imba will stop at nothing in the pursuit of dollar signs. The beat knocks on this one, as there’s a grumbling piano loop and a frightening vocal sample that shows up throughout.

The 3rd joint, “IDEFK,” is a slow-moving banger soaked in auto-tune. There’s an interesting dichotomy on this track between the laid back vibe and aggressive, gritty feel in the lyrics.

The closing song, “Jig,” is a lo-fi trap jam that has a nocturnal vibe. This song is perfect for a slow midnight cruise.

$imba P kept it simple on this project. Though it’s just 4 tracks in length, the tracklist here consists of nothing but bangers. “Remember The $” is definitely a project that will have your head knocking.

Remember The $” is now available on Soundcloud.

Ryan RosenbergComment