OG Stevo "Blu Cheese" Directed by Nick Rodriguez

OG Stevo is back with a fire track along with a visual for the rest of the summer season called “Blu Cheese”.

Stevo has been pretty quite sense the release of his late mixtape and single “Yessir” but he makes up for it in this raw single and visual. “Blu Cheese” is another memorable hard track from Stevo that really showcases his versatility and raw style as an artist. I say this because his late mixtape, was more focused on things he was going through in his life rather then his latest singles which were more focused on about having fun and the vibe of the song. This single “Blu Cheese” definitely follows in the footsteps of being a very powerful song with a vibe that is unmatched and perfect for the summer season. So make sure you here the new single here by playing the visuals to “Blu Cheese” directed by the talented Nick Rodriguez.

Rawest Lyric: “Im Trying To Get Fried Like Eggs In The Morning” OG Stevo

Quinton ColemanComment