The Good and The Bad EP - Ausar Music x Josi Green

Ausar & Josi Green are back with a new solid EP titled “The Good and The Bad”.

After hearing the prior dropped track “Searching” from the two, I was honestly blown away. The vivid story telling along with the soulful Chicago essence of the track made me really appreciate and understand both artists more and there infectious styles. “The Good and The Bad” EP continues with keeping me impressed and raising my exceptions for the two moving forward. This whole EP is REAL RAP and by REAL RAP I mean a EP full of lyricism, storytelling, and cut throat emotion alongside flawless production. Im also ecstatic they have Gold Haze and Aaron Deux as producers on the EP because both producers are cold and definitely strive when paired with styles like Ausar & Josi. Also, Ro Marsalis adds a nice feature to the 3rd track on the EP to give it a well balanced listen. So be sure to stream this EP here and stay up to date with Ausar & Josi.

Quinton ColemanComment