Starship to Starletta - Y$P Retro

Y$P Retro is here to unveil an impressive new release, “Starship to Starletta”

Anti Depressant music at its finest, Y$P Retro drops off a 4-song EP by the name of Starship to Starletta

Y$P Retro music will make you forget about all of the problems in your life the second you press play. Upbeat, happy, beautiful melodies combined with meaningful lyricisms.

With that said, in just 4 songs, Retros finds his footing and relentlessly goes to work! Floating effortlessly throughout each and every second of the project. He shows fans why he’s not just a lyrical gem, but a masterful artist in regards to curating his sound, from one knocking beat to the next.

When it comes to Y$P Retro, there’s not much to say other than the fact that the music has a voice of its on. I’m ecstatic to listen to this promising talent, and quite frankly, I would recommend that our readers lock in now before he inevitably blows up. Starship to Starletta is proof — Y$P Retros can hold his own, and he’s more than ready for the spotlight.

Y$P Retros music will take you on a trip, be sure to stream Starship to Starletta now and let us know what you think in the comments!

Michael TayoComment