OP $av. - DN't PLY

OP $AV just joined forces with Multi- band for two new offerings! Check them out below:

Chicago has a rapidly growing underground scene as we all know, so here at The Ghetto Flower we are constantly seeking new talents to feature, today OP $av make their TGF debut with two new singles DN't PLY (feat. Multi-Band & Fyndee Boyy) and In the Field (feat. Mulit-Band) .

OP $av is a hip hop/pop group, from Oak Park ( the OP in OP $av ), IL. Living just west of the city of Chicago gave it's members, CRZY and NSNE, a unique perspective on music with influences from rap, to R&B, to electronic and pop music. After collaborating from across the country (Santa Barbara & Iowa City) through college, the group was officially formed in 2016 before they moved back to Chicago to start their performance career.

Check out the two new singles above and let us know what you think in the comments!

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