The Life Of Pi'erre 4 - Pi'erre Bourne

Pi’erre Bourne continues the “Life of Pi’erre” series with dropping off his highly anticipated project titled “The Life of Pi’erre 4”.

Finally, another Pi’erre Bourne project. After constantly hearing “A Yo Pi’erre” in so many produced tracks, we finally get another self-performed/ produced/ engineered project entirely created by Pi’erre. It makes me so happy to see other talents and fans love Pi’erre as an artist because we all understand how raw he is as a producer. But when people realize he is well versed as an artist too, it sheds light on how great Pi’erre is as an overall music talent. With that being said, this project is an overall outstanding piece of work that showcases the genius of Pi’erre musically. This definitely stands out as Pi’erre’s best work by far with having a ton of memorable tracks and beats that keep you on the edge of your seat feening for more. It feels like every project Pi’erre has made has been gearing up for this one because honestly this project feels like one distinctive perfected sound unlike other projects. All of Pi’erre’s other projects are great but you can clearly tell he is on a whole other level with the overall sound of this one.

So make sure to stream this flawless project on all platforms

Quinton ColemanComment